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Lies and Lightsabers

It's quite possible that a passer by would think I've flipped my lid. Not that I get many passers by in my living room, aside from the courier who believes it's better to break in through my locked back fence, up to the balcony and through my rear door at random and compromising times. (That's another story - involving quite the brouhaha).

I'm sitting on my inherited and much loved daggy arm chair, a quilt over my head, a childs light saber in my hand, creating what Abigail has requested, a 'Dead Space'* so that I can read and record the text we've written for our latest radio ads. It's hot under here! I can just see the writing via my green light and I'm seemingly talking to myself yet my husband takes no notice. It's fairly typical behaviour for a parent trying to work with a creative business from home. We make do. We're resourceful. We do things like this. It's the struggle that makes it all worthwhile right? And other twee sayings.

So. Christmas is coming. Who knew? The shops have only had signs and music and decorations up since October! I have a 3.5 year old who asks me every night is Santa coming tomorrow? We have the same discussion every time. 'No, Santa is busy in his workshop bla bla etc, another bla bla sleeps to go.' I love that she's excited. But I feel like I need a 3 month advent calendar now. I kind of feel like a liar too and have been grappling with this. I keep telling myself it was a lie I enjoyed when I was a kid and it's such a fun thing to do for your children. But I did come across this article recently and thought I'd share it. A really sweet way to explain to your children when the whole 'Santa' thing goes bust at your house.

Like many families we'll have a houseful this Christmas. Actually a house and a yard full, we might be hitching a tent for the extras. If anything I might be the one out in the tent. What a nice way to have a bit of space! Take care, be well, have fun.

Trace x

Find us featuring on Kinderland Radio here:

* Dead Space - A quiet environment for recording.

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