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People say the darnedest things. Often children are those people, as we know. I'm still delightfully surprised at how many times my three year old makes me laugh. Yesterday during a particularly annoying mummy juggling moment I made a statement. 'I think we have a power cut’ which we did, but Audrey's response, without a beat, was 'Thai Chi is a piece of harmony mummy.' I have no idea where she has been exposed to Thai Chi, or philosophical thought but it did make me stop and think for a few moments. Just at the right time.

It's less than two weeks until a big date arrives for Dream Wonderland. We are releasing our first eBook via Amazon, in print and on iBook’s. Abigail is so flat out with designery bits that we've decided she shouldn't blog this round. The only time she'd have to do that is probably when she's showering and that's just not practical. I'm not even sure she has time to shower at the moment. In our customary Skype catch up today we had a lot to cover off. It turns out the fine print is not so fine when it comes to publishing via the worldwide channels of Amazon, Audible, Createspace, IBook’s ETC. That is if you are operating outside of the US. EIN Numbers, US bank accounts, and US addresses are required. For two gals based in Sydney Australia and Otaki Beach NZ that's a tall order. It seems although the world of technology and entertainment consumerism is rocketing forth fast the ‘backend’ isn’t. So we are navigating a storm of technology and international barriers to complete the task.

The reason for the deadline is the launch of Dream Wonderland: A Bedtime Story, the first in our series of books inspired by the original album of lullabies, at the NZ Baby Expo. Abigail and I have been taking tiny steps towards this exciting outcome. Although we've been working together for some time this is actually the second time we will be meeting in person. Over three days we will be in situ at our Dream Wonderland site, with CDs for sale, launching sales on CDBaby, and releasing our first book.

The thing I'm most looking forward to? Meeting expectant mums. It's such a special time and I remember getting all the little bits and goodies ready for when the baby arrived. Washing and folding iddy biddy clothes, placing them delicately into little drawers, freshly painted. Washing the cloth nappies and inserts three times as recommended for the poopy little arrival and reveling in all the little stuff. The wee things. Looking back now it’s slightly hilarious, nothing is folded so well, and Audrey’s predilection to wear superhero capes only means most of her wardrobe is defunct anyway.

Thank you to Audrey for reminding me to stop and think about the good big picture stuff. Later that day she did make a similar statement, however the word ‘harmony’ was replaced with banana.

Thai Chi is a piece of banana mummy.

There you have it.

PS Those attending the Baby expo in Auckland 19th to 21st of August please come and say hello!

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