Dream Wonderland is a magical world of music, books, eBooks and Audiobooks
carefully crafted to help parents calm and settle their children before sleep time.
How did it start?
Abigail, mother and composer, found a lack of original soothing lullabies for her own young children and began to write her own. Abigail's children, Callum and Maddie, loved the, and Abigail was inspired to produce a full album of original lullabies. Parents and carers all over Australia and New Zealand have been playing Abigail's original lullabies with great success to calm young babies and children pre-sleep time, in the car, on a plan or just for down time. The lullabies also feature on Kinderling Kids Radio in Australia.
From the original album and characters, Abigail and Tracey have gone on to create a series of illustrated books including Audiobooks, eBooks and print books, available through various outlets. All products have been created to help sooth and settle children and the reviews show they are doing so with great success.
Going to bed with Dream Wonderland becomes something to look forward to; and exciting adventure. Dream Wonderland will delight and inspire not only children, but parents, carers and grandparents everywhere.
Tracey & Abigail at the NZ Baby Show, 2016
See 'The Music' and 'The Books' pages for more details and buy various music/book formats & merchandise from 'Shop' for yourself or as a gift.

The Dream Wonderland Family

So who is behind Dream Wonderland?

Two Mums who want to bring Dream Wonderland to parents and carers everywhere.

Abigail Hatherley

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UK born and classically trained with a BA(Hons) in Music, and a Masters in Electro-Acoustic Music for Film and TV, Abigail has been working as a free-lance composer and music editor in Sydney, Australia, since 2001 after winning a Women in Film and Television mentorship for emerging female screen composers.


She has composed and produced music for many projects, most notably the original score for the feature film The Finished People, plus a range of documentaries, TV series, short films, promotional videos and advertisements, including the ABC documentaries Searching 4 Sandeep and series Family Confidential, and the SBS documentaries Bush School and Gough Whitlam: In His Own Words.


Mother of two, Abigail is the founder and composer for Dream Wonderland.

Tracey Savage

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Tracey was raised in a small New Zealand town and spent many years in Wellington as a broadcaster and performer. She is an experienced Television Producer, Production Manager, and documentary film- maker. 


After spending the last 12 years travelling and working mostly out of Sydney, Australia, Tracey has returned to the NZ coast with her family. As well as working on various children’s entertainment and education products she continues her work in the documentary field and her transcription business across Australia and NZ as well as performance and voice work.


Mother to Audrey, Tracey is managing the sales and marketing for Dream Wonderland and writing the series of books along with Abigail.