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Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Wonderland music and books are a must because?

Dream Wonderland music and books are created for you to help settle and calm your babies and young children. Anyone who is having a problem before sleep time, in the car or on the plane or anywhere a little bit of calm is needed – these sleep aids are for you.

The music is produced to a high standard. The original album of lullabies has been mastered beautifully and replicated. What does replicated mean? Replication is the process of creating a glass master of your project, which has been painstakingly evaluated for data corruption, and then reproducing the discs using a commercial pressing and printing method. The end result is of equivalent quality as discs purchased in retail outlets, such as a CD by your favourite band, a classic film on DVD or the latest software for your computer. This is a better quality album rather than a duplicated or 'burnt' version.

The Books are meticulously edited and carefully illustrated to capture the imagination of young children to take them on a journey to a relaxed state. Abigail and Tracey work together to create the stories. The books are put through test audiences before release and key words are used to trigger relaxation in young children. For the narrated read aloud version the music is also a great feature providing a meditative atmosphere. Parents and carers simply switch on ‘start reading’ and the work is done, even the pages turn for you!

How do I use the CD/Album?

Aside from the obvious plug and play! From testing and talking to those using the CD we've found the best way to make use of it is to play it as a part of your pre bed-time routine.  Many parents and carers are reporting it's also wonderful as a calming force when in the car. The CD has been mastered to play continuously through the Dream Wonderland soundscape and lullabies, aiding your little people to a happy and calm place. Many adults have also given feedback that it has a similar affect on them, particularly when repeated as part of a regular routine, whether at home or out and about.

Is there downloadable version of the music available for the CD?

Yes. Music can be downloaded via iTunes and CD Baby – see our shop page for links. ​

My child has not fallen to sleep by the end of the album - why hasn't this happened?

Dream Wonderland music is written to help relax and soothe children in the lead up to bedtime. It is a pre-sleep time tool, which can help your child become sleepy and calm, and so aid the process of falling asleep. Whilst many parents have reported that their children have fallen to sleep during the playing of the album, we do not claim that it will definitively put your child to sleep. It is best utilised as part of a regular routine, when played it becomes a ‘calm and safe place’. Consistent use where a child becomes familiar with the characters, world, and meditative feel of the music bring the feeling of content and eventually calm to your child.

​What new products are coming out soon?

We have two books available via various online outlets.

Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime story

Dream Wonderland: The River

Both are available as Read Aloud-narrated eBooks, Audiobooks and eBooks and will soon be available in print on demand. See our shop page to purchase the version you prefer.  

Is my purchase secure?

All purchases via our website shop are done via a third party secure portal PayPal which automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). Using PayPal we can accept PayPal payments, credit cards and debit cards. Customers are directed to PayPal when checking out of our shop.

Purchases via iTunes, Amazon and other outlets will have the regular security checks in place. 

I don't want to pay with my PayPal account but I cannot see an option for Credit Card payments?

When you are checking out of the Dream Wonderland shop you will be taken to PayPal to pay for your purchases. At the top of the page you will see the words "Choose a way to pay", with the option to pay via a PayPal account open. PayPal would prefer you to pay this way, so they make it the most obvious option. But underneath this panel there is a yellow arrow next to the words "Pay with a credit or debit card". Click on this and you will be able to enter your card details and complete payment.

​Where do you deliver to and how much will it cost?

Dream Wonderland CDs and products can be delivered all over the world.  

Our online shop accepts orders for delivery in Australia and New Zealand. Using Australia Post, the size and weight of your package determines your postage costs. Domestic parcels over 1kg are charged according to their actual weight or cubic weight equivalent, whichever is greater. For parcels up to 1kg, cubic weight is only calculated if the parcel is large in size or irregular or cylindrical in shape. A single CD sent in a bubble bag will cost $2.20 for Australia, and $7.60 to New Zealand. Prepaid satchels are the easiest way to send larger items - they combine packaging and postage, and tracking. The cost of sending a package under 500g is $8.25, under 3kg is $13.40 and under 5kg is $17.10.

For international purchases (excluding NZ), we use Australia Post's airmail delivery. Because this is dependant on weight and country destination, we ask that all international buyers contact us at and let us know what you'd like to buy and what the delivery address is. We will then work out the postage and send you a PayPal invoice including your specific delivery costs. Once this invoice has been paid we will send your purchases to you immediately.


When will I get my order?

For digital downloads they will appear on your computer or device immediately.

For merchandise, CDs and print books purchased via our site Australian customers should receive your goods within five working days. For international customers we could expect your parcel to arrive within 10 working days.


What happens if my order doesn't arrive?

If your order does not arrive then please email us at and we'll do all we can to get to the bottom of it. 

Where are your stockists?

Currently Dream Wonderland physical merchandise is available exclusively through our website shop front at

For digital music and book downloads you’ll see the relevant ‘distributors’ on our shop page.

How can I keep up to date with Dream Wonderland?

Our Website

Our Facebook Page

Our Twitter feed

Our Instagram photos

Or simply join the mailing list

Where are your products made?

We prefer to keep things local where possible and have engaged local businesses and craftspeople to conjure our goodies and master the CD, including Troy Horse, Taylor + Cloth, DB Mastering. For other merchandise it is made locally with the exception of some Print on Demand options.

Could you gift-wrap an item for me?

At the moment we don't have the capacity to officially but if you have a special need for this please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your specific needs and quote for any additional services if possible.

We haven't answered your question?

If you have any other questions we haven't already answered please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Is my information secure?

Yes, we will never share your information with a third party. This information is kept for the purpose of fulfilling your order only. Subscribers to our news and Facebook site can unsubscribe at any time and we will take you off of our list without further contact.




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