Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story

ISBN 9780995364608

Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story

Dream Wonderland: A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story tells the tale of a young child, Dreamer, and favourite toy, Diddy the elephant, who go on an exciting adventure to the magical dreamtime world of Dream Wonderland. There they meet Teddy, Babbitt the Rabbit, Chanter the Fairy, Corniyou the Unicorn and Flutterby the Butterfly. In their joyful trip to Skyreach Castle, Dreamer and Diddy lose one of their friends. But with a little help from the creatures in this magical land, the friends are reunited and Dreamer and Diddy return safely to their bedroom for a restful nights sleep.

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Thank you :-) *****

by Captainjamesster

We have been reading to our daughter since she was born but it's been great to break this up a little. Great illustrations, music and story - The story is pretty traditional but she loves it and asks for it (she's 3 1/2) and.... best part of all, it helps her go to sleep, usually before the end of the book. Many thanks for putting this together. it has been a sanity saver.

Thanks! *****
by Mans_jane_trewin

What a lovely book..wonderful illustrations and soothing voices..great for bedtime or in the car as I have been doing! I also have the Dream Wonderland Music CD which I also use in the car or as relaxing background music for nap a treat!