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Why people love Dream Wonderland?

The feedback and experiences of parents and children using Dream Wonderland as part of their sleep time routine.

I have three boys aged 14, 4 and 8mnths and things can get hectic at home at bed time. We received the Dream Wonderland CD and have been giving it a good workout! This is amazing to get the kids calmed down. The music and vocals are so soothing and the lyrics are magical. My 4yr old and I have singalongs to the songs and it gets his imagination going which is great. Our favourites are Dream Wonderland and Our Universe. It is lovely to have found something that I can pop on when the kids are overtired and we can all just relax to the music. Its great for getting them in the mood for bed too. This CD is a hit in our house and I am so pleased to own it. Beautiful songs and such thought behind them. Truly magical! Thanks so much Abigail & Tracey.


Nicole Scott

I just wanted to let you know what a treasure your CD is. I am on night 3 of transitioning my 2 y/o to her own bed and have used your CD on all 3 nights. She used to be very late going to bed (10pm) and it would be a long process. Night 1 of using the Dream Wonderland CD she went to bed an hour earlier than usual and was asleep half way through track 3. Night 2 she went to bed at 7.30pm! And also fell asleep during track 3.Tonight we read stories in bed at 7pm with the CD playing in the background. After several stories and a quick feed she was fast asleep by 8pm. Dream wonderland is AMAZING!! It is so relaxing for both her and I. I cannot thank you enough for making this transition a smooth one.


Ruth Tame

We started playing Dream Wonderland for Neasa when she was 18 months-old. It quickly became a really important part of our bedtime routine for day and night sleep times. The routine has evolved from me talking about the music and playing it for her, to her actively asking for 'lullabies' (as she calls it) and pressing the on button herself. The routine varies slightly but her favourite is when we have cuddles, a little dance and sing together befor her going down to bed and listening by herself. It is a real testament to the music that we as a family have not grown tired of Dream Wonderland and great for us that our very imaginative 6 year-old loves the ethereal melodies and lyrics just as much as Neasa does!


Michelle Moynihan

Dream Wonderland is a truly beautiful CD full of heartfelt songs that take the whole family on a journey into their imaginations. The wonderful lyrics tell a story that is beautifully accompanied by the music. Our whole family was captivated and would happily listen over and over. In our busy world it is so important for us to take time to teach our kids to relax and this CD is a valuable relaxation tool and now an important part of our night time routine. I would have no hesitation in recommending this beautiful music to anyone.


Sophie Charleston, Naturopath and Director at Pure Botanicals, Newtown, Sydney

The delightful musical arrangements, honey vocals and harmonies are ethereal and beautiful, and are reminiscent of music by Enya and Sarah McLachlan. For me as a parent the lyrics evoke dreamlike images of quests and enchanted places. For my pre-school daughter the melodies, a mix of delicate lullabies and gentle adventures, are mesmerising and soothing. The combination of magical melodies and artful packaging make this CD a special keepsake for mother and child.


April Phillips, Filmmaker and Singer

I loved it. The songs are original and yet so familiar - very comfortable and comforting. The CD has a beautifully dreamy quality to it - perfect for sleep time.


Cath Stuart, Pregnancy Massage Practitioner and Owner at Damara Massage, Marrickville, Sydney

What a beautiful collection of songs, something I wish I had for my eldest two when they were younger. My baby boy knows it's time for bed when we put the CD on at night and it makes for a peaceful time for the whole family. It's also lovely as a parent to find the lullabies you play your children calming and original. It's my go to gift choice for our family and friends.


Sophie, Mother of three

I really love listening to this music. It makes me feel really happy, relaxed and even sleepy. I really love her voice and my favourite song is Our Universe!


Emily, aged 8

The words and the music are very good. I really liked listening to it and reading the words inside the CD cover. I really like the illustrations too.


Emile, aged 12

It's really good, really nice tunes that you can relax and sing to. My favourite bit is about the mermaids.


Ava, aged 8

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