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First there was the lullaby album, now there is a series of books underway based on each lullaby from the album.


Book one: Dream Wonderland A Dream Wonderland Bedtime Story is available in Print, as an eBook on Amazon and also a Read Aloud version on iBooks. You may have heard the audio version of this book featured on Kinderling! For more information about the list of music and books available and where to find them see our 'Shop' page.

This is the first book in a series of eight. This Read Aloud version on iBooks includes 22 minutes of narration, original music, highlighted text and automatic page turning. Perfect for car journeys and in-flight entertainment, as well as preparation for bed time, parents can relax and let the melodic narration calm and settle their children. Also available in print, as an eBook on Amazon and you may have heard the audio only version on Kinderling.


Help for parents at sleeptime with music and books

I just wanted to let you know what a treasure your CD is. I am on night 3 of transitioning my 2 y/o to her own bed and have used your CD on all 3 nights... Dream wonderland is AMAZING!! It is so relaxing for both her and I. I cannot thank you enough for making this transition a smooth one.

Ruth Tame

NSW, Australia

For my pre-school daughter the melodies, a mix of delicate lullabies and gentle adventures, are mesmerising and soothing. The combination of magical melodies and artful packaging make this CD a special keepsake for mother and child.

April Phillips

New Zealand

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Help for parents at sleeptime with music and books



"A nightly ritual of singing at bedtime helps establish routines for children over time. A predictable lullaby ritual can be reassuring and generate positive and shared expectations of going to bed."


Anders Eggen - The Norwegian Academy of Music

"Research at Great Ormond Street Hospital shows that singing to babies soothes them, reduces their heart rate and lessens pain. Music seems to tap into the emotional side of the brain better than storytelling." - Relaxing Music and Lullabies

"Child experts agree that music can help babies and young children sleep. The Mayo Clinic recommends playing the same music when you want your child to sleep. This technique can help train your child when he hears this music,"


Global Post - Does Music Help Children Sleep Better During Naptime?

Sleep Time
Help for parents at sleeptime with music and books

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