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Lullabies from this album are also featured on the Kinderling Kids Radio show!


Created by a mother for her young children, Dream Wonderland is a magical world of soothing music and illustrations specifically crafted to help parents calm and settle their children before sleep time.

Over nine beautifully restful tracks Dream Wonderland takes children on a journey to a wonderful world of inspiration, transcendence and expressiveness; of comfort, nature, family and serenity.

Each track in Dream Wonderland merges seamlessly into the next and as the album progresses, so the songs become calmer and calmer until the final track, ‘The End’, a 10-minute instrumental medley of all that has come before, leads them to sleep; to their very own Dream Wonderland.


This album has inspired the book series which is currently underway.

Going to bed with Dream Wonderland becomes something to look forward to; an exciting adventure. Dream Wonderland will delight and inspire not only children, but parents, carers and grandparents everywhere.

Dream Wonderland CD

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